Robin Hall


Robin Hall is an English composer and arranger writing music to meet the needs of today’s advancing media; and specializing in scoring music for film, television, video games, as well as music to accompany adverts on radio, TV and other types of interactive media. He holds a double degree in Film Scoring and Jazz Composition from Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

His musical palate is broad and he writes convincingly and imaginatively across many musical mediums. Whether it be a tragic love story, fantasy or grand action adventure, he enhances and heightens the impact of the visual media and overall experience of the viewer through sensitive, discerning and creative use of scoring techniques and composition in empathy with the producer’s creative objectives.

Robin’s versatile use of technology combined with his experience and industry knowledge allows him to adapt to many roles across the music spectrum; e.g. composer, orchestrator, conductor, producer or mixer and so provide one interface for clients, whether requiring a single or more diverse musical package.

Robin understands the commercial pressures in today’s environment and the importance of schedules and budget management on project viability, and resourcefully leverages the most current technology and trends to provide cost effective, creative solutions aligned with agreed objectives.
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Languages: English