Marco Porrà


My name is Marco Porrà,
I played for ten years in a band, then I turned myself into a composer/producer. and I sell my music on the internet with different companies.
I produce a lot of genres (very useful for videos) most of all Pop, Rock, Hip- Hop, EDM, Latin, Horror Music.
  • Country: Italy
  • Languages: English

Video Uploads Karosserie Sprüh Folie
Fight - Polish Card Game

Audio Uploads

Epic Action
Christmas is Near
Rock Party - 60 seconds
My High Energy - 60 seconds
I feel Sad- 60 seconds
Acoustic Inspiration - 60 seconds
Electro Freedom
Technology is Evolving - 60 seconds
Games and Friends
Sunny afternoon
Rats and cats
Going Up
Building a Business
Background presentation