Cool Typhoon


Affiliates & Associated Publishers: BMG, Indigi, Smashtrax, Getty

Credits: MTV Tru Life: Season 18 2016: (4) Placements.

Unsealed Conspiracy (Episode Cloning) TV Show.

Island Hip-Hop {BMG Hip-Hop/Raggaeton Album coming soon...}

Canadian Radio (Silent Night)

Smashtrax Music Library: Exclusively Licensed (12) tracks for Film& TV currently being pitched. Non-exclusively licensed (4)

Business as usual,

And usually you'll get a summary of statistics and motives, but I want to share a moment to help silent formal focus. Focus on your purpose, life was meant to live, Typhoon is my baby, my music is in my kids. So each created tune I produce from inside, hopefully this message will put twinkles in your eyes. Smile for all the reasons you are here still alive, no doubts no worries no fears no cries. Cry for the joy, our presence is God's gift, tomorrow may be different so let's all remember this. When you do you get done, and when your done you make due, let's do what's best for family because the promise will come back to you.

Cool Typhoon is currently working with three major publishers and always working to build more relationships. We operate and in house production center that composes industry standard soundtracks for various genres. We are able to put together "almost" anything but primarily we focus on Hip-Hop/Pop/Soundtrack/Dance/and a little bit of Techno. Underscores are always being put together as well to capture the ambiance of an audience.

Our music theory is focused on cinematic moments and transitions that pleases life changing theoretic. For the artists we collaborate with, we aim to make sure you create a product that is appealing to your target market. We always add a unique tag to our formula without vocals overlaying the music. (We leave that up to our clients)

For all potential buyers everything here is reflective of current market quotes.Special offers are always ran with us as well so feel free to contact us if interested. We are always able to negotiate so don't hesitate to send an email with a concern. At our web-store (linked below) all terms and conditions are specified prior to purchase. Enjoy listening and as always...

Feel the breeze;

Cool Typhoon
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  • Languages: English