Andrew Fly


My name is Flavio Garozzo aka Andrew Fly and I am a COMPOSER.
I was born on 6th February 1983 in Catania (Italy) and I am a composer and producer, I was a child who was always creative and took a keen interest in music which turned into my passion. I love to work in my recording studio creating fresh, new and creative projects. I've always used synths and virtual instruments but my target is to create a high quality sound for my listeners and customers,  I've also totally dedicated my life to compose music and I am happy to enjoy everyday my work.
I have studied at SAE (School of Audio Engineering) at Milan and I am a Project and Business Manager thanks ALISON.COM
I worked as film composer for various indie-movies shot in Italy; Nepal and The United States and Australia working with different companies and producers such as:
Liam Rooke (Actor and Producer), Simon Hare (Director) , Anup Poudel (Director), Dimi Nakov (Director), Jenna Costantine (Director), Giacomo Maimone (Director) Fabrizio Famà (Offline Video Editor), NFGDOCS (Company), 095mm (Company), Moving Eye Productions (Company).
I have 15 Years of experience about music composition for media contents and music business using Apple™ and Korg™ instruments to reach the best of audio quality and performance.
  • Country: Italy
  • Languages: English